“You are all very special to me and my family. The love and concern you all put forth when dealing with Teva’s mystery illness was more than anyone could hope for when caring for a beloved family member. Thank you. After her passing, the cash donation you made in her name to UC Davis (Veterinary) was more than I could have ever expected. We have been with you for about 15 years. Five dogs and two cats later, and you guys keep getting better and better! Thank you so very much. Please don’t change… we are loyal Pet Vets people.”

Ingrid Borges


“I’ve been going to Dr. Gilger for over 13 years. He is practical and thorough. I don’t like being spoon fed information and he will even bring out “The books” to let me get every angle.  I recently went in and got one of the new Dr’s (I don’t remember her name) and she was just as good, more on the compassionate/thorough side.  It’s important to find a vet that matches your personality, and I did!!”

Robert B.


“Pet Vets is the best place we have ever been. Thank you for helping me with Casper’s hospice care. Thank you for Penny. You all make a big difference in a lot of lives. Bless you!”

The Leber’s


“The staff is awesome! They really care for your pet and are super knowledgeable and friendly. The new location is great! Instead of just the vet they now have a dog washing station, dog training classes, a kennel, and lots of merchandise to purchase. They are very reasonably priced and to me they are worth every cent for the awesome care they give to my baby girl :)”

Andrea B.


“I’ve been going here for the past 15 years+ and have brought every single pet I’ve ever owned here to Dr. Joe. All the docs here are amazing, but Dr. Joe is my absolute favorite. Even when we had 2 litters of 5 pugs each the staff were super friendly and very helpful to us.  They take special care of all the animals they see. I will always remember Dr. Riviera when she examined my new kitty, gave me helpful advice and sent me home with the meds she needed to get her life started. When she passed away a few weeks later from a tragic accident, I got teary eyed from the lovely condolence card the Dr. and the office staff sent me. They truly care about their patients…even the ones on 2 legs.  I’m impressed with their new location, which is HUGE! and conveniently located. I recommend this vet to anyone who is looking for an honest and helpful vets office who goes the extra mile for their patients”.

Lacey C.


“I recently had to put my 18 year old cat down which was obviously very difficult. Rod Gilger was the vet that helped us. He was so compassionate and caring during this very rough time. He allowed me to hold my cat and administered the injection while my cat was in my arms so that the cat wouldn’t be upset or frightened. I was able to pet him and stroke him and just tell him that i loved him until he just slipped away. Rod patiently took the cats heartbeat over and over when I asked him to. I just wanted to make sure that he was really gone before I left him. Rod was so kind and patient. It made the ending to my beloved pets life humane and dignified. Rod also saw my cat a year earlier and I was really impressed by how reasonable the price was and how he didn’t try to talk me into a bunch of expensive tests, shots etc. that we really don’t need unlike other vets that I have been to in the past that try to take advantage of the fact that you love your pet. I would highly recommend Rod Gilger at PetVets to anyone. I found out that he is a third generation vet since his father and grandfather were vets. It certainly shows in his knowledge, professionalism and compassion for animals as well as their owners.”



“Amazingly helpful and knowledgeable staff, excellent prices, and most importantly, great with my pets. I have gone to many and this is the first that I haven’t felt robbed after I leave”.

Sarah G.


“We have been going to Pet Vets for over 15 yrs. And Dr Rod is amazing as well as Dr Joe. We won’t take our dog anywhere else.  They are honest and truly do care about the whole family”. 

Pam M.


“I was very impressed with this place. I took a rescued dog there and the veterinarian took his time examining him. He answered all our questions  & didn’t recommend things to make more money. He understood we might not be keeping the dog permanently. However, we decided to keep the dog and will continue to patronize this pet clinic. We chose this place as it was highly recommended on the Folsom forum”.



“Dr Joe & Pet Vets in Folsom True animal lovers…. and in my opinion the best vet in Folsom. Dr. Joe has to be one of the most compassionate and caring vets in the business. His wonderful treatment of Pet Vet patients and their owners is unlike any other Veterinarian or human Dr.s office I’ve ever experienced. I can’t recommend visiting Pet Vets and Dr Joe enough and I think you’ll agree he’s the best”. 



“Pet Vets — Great people, Great Pet Care.  I am new to Folsom and I recently had a very sick kitty. Even though Dr. Tish had never seen my kitty before, she treated him like one of her own. The rest of the girls who saw my kitty are extra special, too. A truly professional group”. 



“While in the office, I watched as someone came in with their dog, and explained their problem. The doc came out and said, “Save your money”, then promptly shared with the person what they could do at home to treat their dog themself! When was the last time, if ever, you heard of a vet doing something like that?! I know a LOT of people who go to Pet Vets that are completely happy.  In my opinion, and judging by everyone else’s reviews, Pet Vets rocks! “

Mr. Lead Foot